A Day at Epic

A Day at Epic A Day at Epic

What is a typical day like at Epic Bright Stars Day Care?

Infant Program:

Epic Bright Stars Infant Program is designed for children 6 weeks to 12 months of age. This is an extremely important time for learning and rapid development. Skill and learning are achieved through sensory development, fine and gross motor development, expressive and receptive language for good oral language development and later ability to read and write well.

Our infant day care consists of safe, warm and nurturing care. The children are read to and involved in safe play and exercise. They are allowed to safely sit up, initiate crawling and eventually stand and walk. We offer monthly musical entertainment for musical and language development. Parents have access to child’s daily progress report.

Toddler Program:

Epic Bright Stars Toddler Program is designed for children 12 to 24 months of age. This period is a period of enormous change. As infants grow into toddlers, they become curious about their environment and are eager to learn by touching and play. Play allows them to make sense of the world around them.

Toddlers learn through their senses as they move around in their world. We take into consideration our toddlers’ needs and provide lots of opportunity for physical activity and lots of different activities to choose from. Between 12 and 24 months of age, children learn by exploring and experimenting and are very curious, active learners. One of the most important changes during this year is learning how to communicate. Children are taught various social skills (manners, sharing, kindness, etc.) and are also encouraged to think and play together as well as play independently. Our educated director and teachers promote socialization and language skills.

Our toddlers’ day is surrounded with story time, number concept, cause and effect reasoning, scribbling formation and music. It is a proven fact that music is an effective, enjoyable tool to help children learn. We know music is an important part of this age and can impact many kinds of learning. We offer music with play daily and have monthly music entertainment to further expand our children’s horizons through music.

We offer weekly “messy play” with water, sand, finger paint, play dough and clay that is particularly attractive because it stimulates many of a child’s senses. Themes and activities are planned by the staff and are available to parents. We send notices that come home in your child’s bag which may describe upcoming events and will often provide specific information to help you prepare your child for his/her school day. Parents have access to child’s daily progress report.

Our daily routine involves a wide range of activities: creative play, arts and crafts, music, science, games, blocks, books, and activities the improve fine and gross motor skills. Every day, each class spends time experiencing music and movement.

It is our hope to provide an environment so richly child-based that children in our care develop a love of learning that continues throughout their educational years.

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