Did You Know?

did you know

  • Our high standard of care is proven and recognized.
  • We are permitted to operate a day care by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
  • We provide contracted services for ACS
  • Our clients have given us high positive recommendations
  • Our facility and staff demonstrate the quality of care we provide.
  • Epic Bright Stars provides care for infants 6 weeks old to toddlers 24 months old.
  • We offer full and flexible half day enrollment for the infant and toddler program.
  • Parents are responsible for meals, baby bottles and food from home.
  • Every child has their own personalized cubby space for safe storage of food and supplies.
  • Every baby has a personal crib, and the parent can bring crib sheets as long as they meet standards.
  • Children are taken for outdoor activities in a 4-6 seated carriage.
  • The day care is cleaned and disinfected every evening.
  • Our care standards are proven.
  • All employees have met strict standards, including thorough background check with the state Central Register Database, background check for criminal history and fingerprinting by the Department of Investigation.
  • All staff have training in CPR/Frist-Aid, SIDS, SBS, Infection Control.
  • We accept private pay and city voucher.
  • We consider it a Privilege to Care!